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My Tokotas - Hunting/Exploring/Fishing/Caving/CareThis is my Journal for collecting my Tokos and also for
hunting / fishing / explo / caving / career results!
Please comment here for Hunting / Fishing / Exploring / Caving Results:

Please comment here for Career Results (Continous Event):

All my Tokotas

All the Hierarchy Points

All the Breeding Tracker

SLOTS(Barbary) For HP/TT/USD/POINTSSo this will be the journal where iam going to add Genos and Slots for AoAs. Please stop by and take a look.
This will be updated whenever there´s something new!
:bulletred: Rules :bulletred:

Slots from breedable Tokotas
--> Mostly available for HP. Sometimes for points / USD, in special cases (rare manes, colors f.e.)
If for points / USD you have to pay first before you get the slot!
--> I will tell you for which Tokota /  the amount on HP i wish
--> There will be Slots available every month
-- > One Slot - Full Litter
--> When you finished  the pictures for HP / send the money / points you will get the breeding
slot to the Tokota you wished for. <--
--> When you´re the happy winner from the raffle you will of course get a comment with the sale to you <--
:bulletred: If the breeding results in an empty litter, because of the Tokota's submissive hierarchy status (my Tokota, if he / she is submissive, not from t

AoAs for one full slot - Tokotas with TRAITS addedHello my dear Tokota lovers out there!
I am really busy with doing Tokota related pictures myself, so i can´t do the AoAs for these beautys myself.
So i want to ask if someone out there likes to to the AoAs for them?
For a full slot to the Tokota you´d like to do the AoAs for
Rules below!
These are the beautys:

Handler is Terion
Explorer Trait

Handler is Deynara (first girl on the right side, with red dress)
Snow White Trait

Handler is Damyel


Handler is Aurora (middle)

Handler is Aramis (left one)
TRAITED TOKOS, SNOW ROAN AND TAWNY DUN FOR SALEI got these genos left and i´d like to sell them.
As i don´t know how to price them exactly please offer away!
HP, TT, USD, Slots, Companions, Combination off all welcome

2) Male, Natural Mane
Submissive - Healthy
Marked collared greying tawny with accents
Hereditary Traits:
Taken by:
3) Female, Natural Mane
Submissive - Healthy
Marked collared greying tawny with accents
Hereditary Traits:
Taken by:
4) Female, Natural Mane
Submissive - Healthy
Marked collared greying tawny with accents
Hereditary Traits:
Taken by:

5) Female, Natural Mane
Submissive - Healthy
Marked collared greying tawny piebald with accents
Hereditary Traits:

Welcome to TotemSpirit!Admin management account for Tokotas
Home of all your designing and upload needs!

Please see the Cycling Journals Hub for the rest of the cycling links

Design Central

Design Den

Info & Ownership Changes

Design Guide Handbook

Rites of Fertility Submissions

TCA Rehoming Project
Welcome To TokoTime!Admin management account for Tokotas
Home of all your banking and breeding needs!

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Toko Tokens Bank

Tribe Bank

Breeding Requests

Adoption Center

Hierarchy Updates
Price ListsItems you find on fishing, hunting, exploration, caving and diving trips can be redeemed for TT and used for crafting; find how and how much here.



Exploring, Caving & Diving


The Trading PostWhen you've redeemed items earned from activities and competitions, you will have TT (Toko Tokens), the fictional currency of Tokotna. With that you can purchase/apply these items at the TT Bank.
Faded prices indicate the price with a Tribe discount.
Looking for the Price Lists?

Permanent - may not be removed or transferred.
How to properly design decorations

Scar Pack
3000 TT / 2700 TT
Able to add up to three small scars onto import sheet.

Hand Paint Dyes
8,000 TT / 7200 TT
Hand paint dye; color of your choice. Up to two symbols.

Small item
10,000 TT / 9000 TT
One small item. Beads, a braid in the mane, feathers, necklace, bracelet, etc.

Large item
20,000 TT / 18,0
Rites of FertilityThis is a series of junior/rookie events that are required in order to breed your tokota. All three must be passed in order to receive an Arms of Akna award. Not only are these mandatory if you wish to breed, they will also help shape the future career of your animal.
Rite One
Rite of Merit
This test will evaluate and place your tokota into one of three "talent" sets. Choosing one or another does not decrease your chances in the other disciplines, though the trait you choose will provide benefits for the disciplines you wish to enter your tokota into. This test will also include a vet and conformation check, to make sure the animal is suitable to advance to the next two rites in the Rites of Fertility series.
Rite Two
Rite of Fortitude
This test will test survival, bravery, enduranc
Rites of Dominance
Hierarchy System
Hierarchy Updates

Your tokota must be average status and have 250 HP points certified/confirmed by an administrator in order to complete these tasks!
For the Rites of Dominance, three prompts will be chosen to be written or drawn. When you are finished you will submit a comment here with links to each completed image/literature piece. You will receive a pass/fail response. The pass/fail is based on the judging below.
Important details for each task
Full background, to the best of your abilities (like all tokota events, art effort is compared to gallery, not other artists.)
A handler or starter to accompany your tokota in prompts is completely welcome, but is not require

Breeding Roller ->

Lineage Checker ->

TT Calculator ->…

Harpg Directory

HARPG MFS CREW Smile for the camera by MoonyArsaraidh

HARPG MFS STABLE JOURNAL Moonlight Forest Stable JournalHARPG & EquineArt-RPG english
- accepted to HARPG on 4th February 2010
- accepted to HARPG-de on 17th July 2010
- accepted to EquineArt-RPG on 15th November 2010
- accepted to TrueHooves EARPG 23rd May 2011
Horse Art RPG original (c) :iconmoonfeather:
:iconhorseart-rpg: and :iconharpg-annual-shows:
How to join :bulletorange: Additional rules and information  :bulletorange: Stables
HARPG de created by me
Infos Registrierung :bulletgreen: FAQ Harpg-de :bulletgreen: Wie spiele ich?
EquineArt-RPG created by :iconkat8674: & :iconpadfoot7411:

HARPG MFS ALL THE HORSES MFS HorsesSooo..i decided to do a quick update of all the horses living in the stable.
Actual MFS got  91 horses of different breeds! Actually there are some new horses..or old ones, cause they are horses from my own breed or from breedings with my horses.
If i still forget a design i bought from you or get as gift, let me know please ^^;

Gypsy Vanner
MFS Irish Song - Up for Lease -

Discipline: Not chosen
DS Luck of the Irish - Up for Lease -

Discipline: Dressage, Driving, Jumping, Brood Mare
MFS Midnights Detective

Discipline: not chosen
MFS I will Love you (right one)

Discipline: Not chosen
MFS Soldiers Heart

MFS Banham's Renegade

Discipline: Baroque Dressage
MFS Pendrill
(Nr 5, Leopard)
Discipline: -
MFS Hestia

Discipline: Eventer
MFS Top Ten
MFS Top Ten by MoonyArsaraidh
Discipline: Eventi



HARPG MFS MINI EVENTS MFS Mini Events: Western and BarrelFirst, AliceYung got the idea with this Mini Events, so thank you for this great and wonderfull idea!!
This time: Western & Barrel
:spotlight-left: The rules :spotlight-right:
:bulletorange: No registration is needed! Just finish your picture and sent it in by comment or note
:bulletorange: Fullbody picture is always welcome, but you don´t need to. 3/4 is also okay
:bulletorange: Don´t reuse old images!!
:bulletorange: NO BACKGROUND required.
:bulletorange: Don´t use lineart from other people, if drawn for you or not
:bulletorange: The rider does not need any specific clothes. Helmets are safe, but not required (at own risk).
:bulletorange: Shading is not required but coloring is. You can keep it as basic as possible, flat colours are perfectly fine. All media is welcome
:bulletorange: All breeds fitting go.
[Bullet; Orange] Ref used, traced? Need to stay in the describtion! Otherwise it won´t be judged!!
[Bullet; Orange] ALL breeds are

My Asotus


Koa 656 by AsotuRookeryClub

My Thilyarem

ALL THE Dragons

Drawiya 114 by Holy-Lair| Keleth 246 by Holy-Lair
Nigihayami Kohakunushi 257 by Holy-Lair | Daichi 341 by Holy-Lair

My Shedus


MFS Regulus 10584 by SheduMaster

My DA Lovies - no order

:iconabosz007: :iconsaphiraly: :icondark-mare910: :iconlittle-mi: :iconkysan: :iconazarielshax: :iconjackewa: :iconmemosniceside: :iconbloodylys: :iconsophiemacaulay: :iconginasdream:



Oct 24, 2016
11:38 am
Oct 24, 2016
7:34 am
Oct 23, 2016
10:47 am
Oct 23, 2016
2:50 am
Oct 22, 2016
8:48 pm


Fullbody with simple BG
Refsheet MFS Amayos by MoonyArsaraidh
Fullbody Commission with simple BG
Headshot with simple BG
A Nordy Birthday by MoonyArsaraidh
Headshot with simple BG


Stamps i love

HARPG stamp by emerald-equine horse ART roleplaygame by EscyKane Support realistic and fantasy HARPG stamp by Chistokrovka Thanks for visitin by k-nelo Walt Disney. by Z-a-r-t Bleach Fan - Stamp by alexbariv kon stamp by hardcorerocker117 Dark-Mare910 Stamp by Shenim .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot :: Liek thanks you :: by Liek .:Gypsy Stamp:. by OathToOrder The Last Unicorn by LeonaWindrider Collie Love Stamp by cloudrat I Watch Boribaby by PiratePooch Equine-Art-Reference Stamp by PoeticJustice314 Saphiraly Stamp by Dark-Mare910 Blutrache Stamp by Dark-Mare910 Demantur Stamp by Jullelin abosz007 Stamp by o-AkiLove-o EmiOhh stamp by Dark-Mare910 Stamp: Support dat-Inu by Vampyra-Drake IngloriousViking Support Stamp by Padfoot7411 HitmanN Fan Stamp by HitmanN-Fans



Just Moony
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Profile Content Copyright by TheLoveTrain Support realistic and fantasy HARPG stamp by Chistokrovka Thanks for visitin by k-nelo :: Liek thanks you :: by Liek .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot

You are not allowed to reuse/redistribute
my art without written permission in any way

This counts for each of my works!

horses, dogs, drawing, reading, some people from da (yeah guys, you know who don´t ya?)

Arttheft, liar, wise-ass and some things more

Current Residence: Germany
Favourite photographer: Christiane Slawik
Favourite style of art: Comic, Anime
Wallpaper of choice: Inspiration from Abosz ;)
Favourite cartoon character: Hmmm... too much charakters to count XD

My Pagedolls

ToH_Chibi_Lacapo by Kysan Charm By Totemhero by MoonyArsaraidh Pagesitter for Moony by SophieMacaulay Pixel doll commission: Thorak by Lizzara Ryuma-Gif by MoonyArsaraidh

Looking for HP / RoDs for 50 % Dire

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 9, 2016, 10:18 AM
Hey there lovely Tokota people,

iam happy that i could breed myself a 50 % Dire. I´d like to get him Alpha, so this is the chance for your as well to grab 2 slots to him.
Maybe also 3 slots when he´s confirmed for Alpha.

So this is my pretty boy

Lord Schnee 20580 by TotemSpirit

His lineage

------------------------------------------ SSS: Tonga 182
----------------- SS: Drogo 515
------------------------------------------ SSD: Alpha Female 5
------------------------------------------ SDS: Fenrir 1886
----------------- SD: Tierney 4332
------------------------------------------ SDD: Noir 3355

------------------------------------------ DSS: Zhenjin 4550
----------------- DS: Ultan 8830
------------------------------------------ DSD: Tofi 5773
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD: Hija de la luna WF29
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown


- Brawny II:
  50% chance to retrieve up to three extra pelts while hunting large prey. (Moose, bear, mountain lion, etc)

Fisher Trait
Fish retrieved by the tokota are worth 20%+ of their usual reward when redeemed at Toko Tokens Bank.

- Swift feet: 
  +10 bonus points to any group-held sled racing, or flat racing competition.

- Explorer Trait:
  Exploration items retrieved by the tokota are worth 20%+ of their usual reward when redeemed at Toko Tokens Bank.

Given Tack:

Basic Bow
Reduces possibility of failing a hunt to 1%.
Flint Arrows
Increases chance of collecting rarer pelts on a hunt by 10%.


Wolverine Companion:
Small increase of chance to catch rare prey.

I will give him a goat later and for sure some other fitting companions.
Maybe, when iam ableto, i will also buy him a caver trait or something like that.
But for sure, when iam able to buy one goat this will be the first companion for him!


So the deal for one slot would include following

AoAs + HP until Dom = 1 slot

Taken by Paranoid-line
(107 HP done, AoAs included)

RoDs + HP until Alpha = 1 slot

taken by Acellia
(2 RoDs done)

100 HP + CE until first place = 1 Slot

taken by Itraka
(7 HP done)

Of course i will draw as much as i can for him as well, so you didn´t need to do the whole amount by yourself.

But this is the offer and this will be, by now, the only puplic slots for him, which will be available!!
Maybe, ONLY maybe, i will sell 2 or 3 slots later for USD, but for now this is the offer to everyone who
isn´t able to purchase a 50% dire slot through money.

Iam looking for quality art over quantity, especial for RoD (and PotA images when it comes to this)!

So please post a comment with art examples, if you´re interested in getting a slot for this.
Everything else can be discussed then :)

Thanks :heart:


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Itraka Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist…

7/100HP (exploration)!
xxSummerSky61xx Featured By Owner Edited Sep 1, 2016  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, is it okay if I leave it at two AoA's for your longmanes for a POTL slot to Dhurghron instead of a full slot for all three? :3 I'm a little short on time this week and I want to get to your dire girl's AoA's :D
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MightyRaptor Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Lick* :icondragonlick:
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Kysan Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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birthdays Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2016
:woohoo: :party: :iconcakelickplz: !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :iconcakelickplz: :party: :woohoo:

On behalf of the birthdays team, I sincerely apologize that your greeting has arrived late this year.

We hope you had an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team :love:

Birthdays Team
This birthday greeting was brought to you by: KoudelkaW
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tacodoq Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh god happy birthday! also coungrates on getting JJ to dominance (was submitting my Soot for dom)
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CSStables Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2016  Professional General Artist
Happy Birthday!! :party: :happy birthday: by iDJPanda Birthday cake  icon :party: by catluvr2
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Lintu47 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Happy early Birthday! :happy birthday: by iDJPanda
:iconflyingheartsplz: birthday cake by Chibivillecute :iconflyingheartsplz:
Have a wonderful day! :happybounce:
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Cuteorangedrawing Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
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tacodoq Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey here are the pups
1) Female, Natural Mane
Submissive - Healthy
Marked collared greying snow roan piebald

2) Female, Natural Mane
Submissive - Healthy
Marked collared greying tundra with accents

3) Male, Natural Mane
Submissive - Healthy
Marked collared greying brown with accents

4) Female, Natural Mane
Submissive - Healthy
Marked collared greying tundra with accents

im keeping the greying brown but if there is any you'd like let me know
(1 Reply)
Rapid-Star Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for the :llama: :)
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Kysan Featured By Owner May 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Sintales Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2016  Student General Artist
mooonyyy :D
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